July 4, 2011

2011 Chicago-Mac Race, Essential Sailing Gear and Sale

The sailing gear listed below will make your 2011 Chicago-Mac race more enjoyable and successful.

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Base Layer: Keeps your skin dry. Extremely important for overnight races. (Change base layer going into the night not in the morning.) How old is your base layer? Its properties do wear out.

Gill 1266 i2 Long Sleeve Tee
Gill 1267 i2 Leggings

Gill 1275 Women's i2 Long Sleeve Tee
Gill 1276 Women's i2 Leggings

Gill 756 Lightweight Socks (Must Have)
Gill 755 Heavyweight Socks

Mid Layer: This is what keeps you warm. Traps body heat close to the skin.

Gill 1321 i3 Zip Neck
Gill 1322 i3 Pants

For colder temperature. What will it be like at 2pm?
Gill 1513 i5 Crosswind Jacket
Gill 1514 i5 Crosswind Salopettes

Gill 1323 i3 Women's Zip Neck
Gill 1324 i3 Women's pants

Outer layer:
Highly recommend
Gill OS21J OS2 Jacket
Gill OS21T OS2 Trousers

For the bow, Gill OS21S OS2 Smock

Gill IN11J Coast Jacket
Gill IN11TZ Coast Trousers

Highly recommend
Gill OS21JW OS2 Jacket
Gill OS21TW OS2 Trousers Drop seat.

Gill IN11JW Coast Jacket
Gill IN11TZW Coast Trousers

Additional Essentials:

Gill C005 Escape Quick dry shorts

Gill 901 Boots
Gill 909 Tall Yachting Boot
Gill 912 Breathable Leather Boots

Gill 7041 Championship Gloves
Gill 7801 Helmsman Gloves (Must Have)

Gill HT11 i3 Beanie Hat. (Must Have)

Gill MT003 Marine Tool
Gill MT001 Marine Rescue Knife

Gill L005 Tarp Barrel Bag

Gill 9473 Mens’ Classic Sunglasses
Gill 9635 Women’s Gemini Sunglasses

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May 4, 2011

Fabric Layers and Foul Weather Gear

What do layers mean when talking about foul weather gear?

The most basic gear has two layers–the woven textile and then the coating or laminate finish. This is light-weight and inexpensive to produce, but requires a lining because the coating is on the inside of the fabric and might feel clammy next to your skin. The lining is not considered a layer.

Three layer fabrics start with the two layers described above, then add a tricot scrim on the inside to protect the coating (or laminate) and for comfort. Why are three-layers better than the two-layers with a lining? Linings inhibit breathability, are heavier than scrims, and are more prone to get caught or snagged.

Recently, some manufacturers like Gill have been making their top of the line garments with a four layer fabric.

Four layers have the outer textile layer, then a new layer of hydrophobic coating that enhances moving water vapor out of the fabric increasing breathability, then the waterproof laminate, then the scrim. Obviously more expensive, but well worth it for high aerobic offshore sailing.

Which is right for you? As always it depends on your kind of sailing, boating, or fishing. For casual, inshore, the two layer fabric is fine. Going farther out, getting more physical, get the three layer fabric. Serious offshore demanding the best–get 4 layer. As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for.

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We’d like to thank Gill, www.Gillna.com for their knowledge and advice.