January 28, 2013

Coastal Foul Weather Gear Reviews from Sail Magazine

In October 2012, Sail Magazine and www.sailmagazine.com published an article by Lindsey Silken reviewing  coastal foul weather gear.  Here's some of what Lindsey had to say:

"Coastal cruisers and racers experience a range of temperatures and weather, so crossover garments that can be layered--or not--can be worn racing or cruising will top the list.  Look for lightweight outer layers and cozy, warm base and mid-layers that won't trap air and moisture.  The same three-layer materiels used in bluewater gear are now beginning to make inroads in coastal gear as well.  But a set of foulies made with quality two layers fabric will still keep ou plenty comfortable without breaking the bank."

Among the products featured are Gill's i5 Crosswind Salopette, Gill's Extreme Gloves and Atlantis Weather Gear's Aegis jacket, all available at www.WhitecapsFoulWeatherGear.com with free shipping and free merchandise credit.

January 17, 2013

Foul Weather Gear Reviews from Sail Magazine

Starting in September 2012, Sail Magazine and www.sailmagazine.com published a three-part gear review focusing on foul weather gear.  The first installment is about Bluewater foul weather gear. Here's some of what Sail Magazine had to say:

"Bluewater racers and cruisers have to deal with whatever the elements throw at them, which means foul weather gear has to be as weatherproof as possible, and durable enough for weeks of hard use.  Look for heavy-duty breathable three layer fabrics, robust wear patches and well-taped seams.  Wicking base layers need to minimize chafe--remember you may be wearing them for some time--while mid-layers that can also double as a light outer layer are great for making the transition from foul weather to fair."

Among the products featured are the Dubarry Ultima boot and the Gill i5 Crosswind fleece midlayer.