March 3, 2013

Sportboat Clothing Reviews from Sail Magazine

In November 2012, Sail Magazine and published a great review entitled "Sportboat Foulies" by Meredith Laitos.  Here is some of what she said:

"When selecting racing garb, sportboat sailors should dress from the waist down based on water temperature and the the waist up based on air temperature.  They should also think about their boat's proximity to the water, the strength of the wind and the waves, and the likelihood that these things will combine to leave them drenched.  Factor in comfort, warmth, and weight, and you will arrive at the perfect outfit."

Featured in the article are Gill's Trapeze Boot, Gill's i3 Fleece, Gill's Lycra Socks, Gill's Pro Top, Ronstan's Sticky Race Gloves, and Ronstan's Sleeveless Skiff Suit.

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