February 28, 2014

Getting the Right Fit

Buying clothes that fit is hard enough, but trying to get the right fit when shopping on-line can take the skills of a psychic.  Often this involves a trip to a local store to try something else from the same brand.
When it comes to sailing gear or foul weather gear the challenge is that much harder.  Stores are reducing stock selection and favoring home-brand gear to reputable branded products.
Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to compare sizes across brands?
The team at Whitecaps Marine Outfitters have done exactly this and put together a comprehensive size chart that brings all of the best brands together.
Suppose you have some Gill gear but like the styling of Henri Lloyd or features that SLAM offers.  Simple.  Look at the table to see what the equivalent Gill size, lets say large, is for Henri Lloyd (medium or large) or Slam (XXlarge).
You’ll see that the sizes are not an exact substitute between brands.  This is due to the styling and designers of each brand.  It does however let you easily pick the right gear for the type of sailing you do and the amount of layering you may have.  Select your size from the chart and pick the best fitting brand.  Too easy.
Junior sailing gear sizing is also made easy.  Now you can clearly see what the cross-over sizes are and when an adult size may be appropriate.
Women have a challenging time finding good off-shore gear as there is a limited selection made to fit a women’s frame.  It is now easier to get a size of unisex gear that is going to provide a comfortable fit.
While not the same as a bespoke suit, Whitecaps Marine Outfitter are finding new ways to get you into the right sailing gear and boating apparel.
Our size guides can be found at http://www.whitecapsmarine.com/sizeguide
Ship to shore – We’ve got you covered

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