August 8, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Should Order Team Gear

Did you know you can get a great brand-name technical shirt with your boat’s name and logo on it for just a few dollars more than the cost of the garment?

It’s hard not to admire a crew in good-looking gear. Unless you’re the boat owner, and then those royal blue polos and khaki sailing shorts embroidered with the boat name and three-color logo look—expensive. When they start pulling on their matching foul weather gear, you just walk away.

Or do you? Custom team gear isn’t as expensive as you think. There’s a variety of ways to put a logo on a shirt, and most items can take a logo. That means you can choose a brand-name shirt and put your boat’s logo on it for just a few extra dollars. Buy items in bulk, and the total cost could be little more than the retail cost.

Still not sold? Here are three more reasons why you should get team gear for your crew.

3. Building team spirit

Sailing is a team effort and choreography is critical. The longer your crew sails together, the better the effort and choreography will be. A great way to ensure that your crew continues to sail with you is by making them feel like they’re part of the team. And there’s no better way to get a group of people feel like they’re part of a team than by wearing a uniform.

Have an intricate logo on your kite? Zhik’s ZhikDry shirts (in white or light gray) work great with dye sublimation—a process that embeds the color right into the fabric without impeding breathability. Your crew will look sharp and that will help instill in them a feeling of pride in your boat.

While big budget programs will oven provide a long and short sleeve option, as well as a midlayer and a pair of shorts, if your program is one of more modest means, simply organize the gear—your crew will most likely be happy to chip in.

2. So you look sharp at the party

Sailing is a lot about professionalism, even among amateur crews, and “ship shape” doesn’t only apply to the boat. Just like we coil the lines and flake the sails at the end of the race, we don’t want to show up at the party looking like a bunch of wet dogs—even if the conditions of the day might make us feel like one.

The Henri Lloyd Fast-Dri Silver Polo is a great shirt for wearing off the boat and into the club, and it’s a perfect candidate for an embroidered logo or boat name. Get the black shirt, and you won’t even have to worry about your crew getting it dirty. Or, order the white shirt and have them keep it to throw on after the race is over.

1. Say thanks to your crew for all their hard work

There’s little personal glory to be had in a winner take all sport like sailing—your crew pours their hearts and souls into your boat all season long for little more than a cold beer at the end of the regatta. Springing for a team shirt is a great way to say thanks to your crew for all their hard work.

Even if it’s just a token item like the Henri Lloyd Fast-Dri Crew Cap with your boat name and sail number embroidered on it, your crew will know you enjoy sailing with them and appreciate all their effort.

Custom team gear usually takes about three weeks for delivery. Visit the custom team gear page on our website for more information about processes, set-up fees, and cost-per-item charges.

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